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Battery Energy Storage System Hazards
Battery Module In Thermal Runaway

In battery energy storage systems, if one battery cell experiences thermal runaway, this failure often propagates to other cells around it.

This experiment uses module taken from a commercially available battery energy storage system. Inside the module are fourteen 94Ah nickle-manganese-cobalt cells connected in series. Overall, the module has an energy capacity of 4.8kWh.


Once the first cell is sent into thermal runaway, the propagation to surrounding cells can be readily observed.

Battery Module Thermal Runaway in a Rack

In commercial energy storage systems battery modules are often mounted in vertical racks, not unlike servers in large data centers.


If a battery cell experiences a thermal runaway event, the presence of a rack enclosure can have a significant impact on surrounding batteries and equipment.

This experiment uses a commercially available 4.8kWh battery module with fourteen 94Ah cells inside.

Battery Vent Gas Explosion Inside a Closet

Battery failures are dangerous in large part due to their unpredictability. If the vent gas emitted by a failing battery does not ignite and burn right away, it can accumulate and lead to unexpected explosions.

This experiment demonstrates the potential for explosions when battery vent gas is allowed to accumulate inside of an enclosed space.

It uses a 4ft x 4ft x 8ft closet and a single 94Ah battery

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