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The UTFRG Burn Structure is located at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus approximately 9 miles northwest of the main campus. The facility consists of a 16 ft x 20 ft test structure and an adjacent data acquisition command room where large burn tests can be monitored safely. Researchers in the command room can monitor over 400 channels of simultaneous data, video imaging, and IR imaging in real time during tests. The facility can be instrumented with multiple probes for measuring quantities including temperature, heat flux, gas species concentrations, meteorological data, and flow field characteristics. The Burn Structure is designed to safely contain up to a 1000 kW fire, which is equivalent to a small upholstered couch and has been used to explore a wide range of fire loads including batteries, furniture and gaseous fuels.

Testing and Measurement Capabilities

The Burn Structure can be customized to investigate a wide variety of fire and ignition scenarios. A wide range of equipment is available on-site to support testing.

Heat and Ignition Sources
  • 250 kW propane sand burners

  • 2.4 kW infrared heating panels

  • Automated windows

  • Large gas powered ventilation fan

Imaging Equipment
  • FLIR E40 Infrared Camera

  • Imaging Cameras (DSLR, HD Video) 

Measurement Instrumentation
  • Multi-channel data logging system (up to 400 channels)

  • Thermocouples

  • Heat Flux Sensors

  • Bi-directional probes

  • Pressure probes

  • Mass loss load cells

Gas Analysis 
  • Servomex O2, CO, CO2 analyzer

  • Rosemount Analytics gas analyzer system (HC, CO, NOx)

  • Thermo-Fisher Nicolet IG50 Fourier Transfer Infra-Red (FTIR) spectroscopy system (open-path or closed-path capable)

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